Covid Matrix and Services


The Tonganoxie Public Library reopening plan is based on the following:

• City, County, and State Orders and Guidelines
• Reopening of Other City Buildings with Public-Facing Services
• Widespread Health Metrics, such as two weeks of declines in new cases, prevalent infections per million, and availability of a vaccine
• Staff’s ability to maintain the Center for Disease Control and Prevention cleaning orders and guidelines
• Developed Risk Assessment Matrix
• Staff mitigation task assessments

When the Leavenworth County Health Department Community Positive Percentage chart is in the yellow zone, it is recommended that the library be open without appointments and unrestricted access to the doors Monday-Friday 9 am to 7 pm Saturday 9 am-5 pm still being closed on Sundays. The full description of yellow zone services is listed on the following attached matrix.

If the Leavenworth Health Department numbers move to the red zone at any time, the library will go to virtual programming and services with restricted access to the facility. Please see the attached matrix for a full description and listing of red zone services.

If the Leavenworth County Health numbers move to the green zone, the library will look at expanding services and hours beyond the Monday-Friday 9 am-7 pm, and Saturday 9 am-5 pm.

The Library will follow the Leavenworth County Health Department's most recently published statistics and numbers to determine risk threshold as it relates to Green, Yellow or Red zones. The primary statistic used is the Positivity Rate. The Library will implement the operational posture and measures based directly on the Positivity Rate. For example, if the Positivity Rate is in the Red, the Library will immediately move to Red Zone services. This logic is applied to Yellow and Green zones as well.

Masks will be required to enter the facility.

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